Testimonials (Sample)

Arrived to Mr. Brazenall unknown to myself, found his no. in the Review. I was in agony with neck problems, also sciatica, he cured me in two visits. Making me feel on top of the world again.

BRILLIANT BEST EVER. Should of come here first.

I have suffered for years with my lower back, living on painkillers, until I met Mr Brazenall.

Wish I had met him years ago. Since seeing him, less pain, less tablets.

After 16 years of constant pain and with little help from the NHS.

Discovering Mr Brazenall has been a revelation in that I'm now enjoying fantastic results.

A vast improvement- Thank you - Highly recommended

Mr Brazenall only ever treats smart people – the fools won’t come to see him.

The Brazenall Technique

Is The common sense solution for non-specific back pain

And could seriously improve your quality of life

As it has already done for many.



These are all common labels to describe the symptoms.     Which do you have?

Do you want the symptom treated or the proper cause treated and sorted properly?

Backache can be a real 'pain', but simple and effective treatment is available.

A prelonged course of treatment is not usually necessary -

               two treatments are quite often normally sufficient to have you pain free.

Over 40,000 patients from all over the world have already benefited, mostly by recommendation of their friends and of them,

about 75% have never had any more trouble at all.

So give me a call and let me arrange to help you also.   Why Suffer any more?   

And read the rest of the website to find the real answer to your pains.

You may be surprised just how many aches and pains actually originate from the back.

My Aim

A Different    Approach

You and Your    Back

The Common    Cause

The Symptoms


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WHYSUFFER    Back Pain

A. R. BRAZENALL DO. FHSMS. LVMC.    Manipulation Therapist   Est. 1974 .

Windrush,   Highfield Road,   Lydney,   Gloucestershire,   GL15 5NB

Tel:- 01594 845 284    or   E-mail  -  a.brazenall@btinternet.com

Patients frequently ask -

“Why won’t the doctors listen?”

Because it is too embarrassing for them to acknowledge that it works.

Generally they are good but not always right - especially about backs.

It’s YOUR pain, so read the rest of the site and make up your own mind as to who is right.

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